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Sandstone & Sage

Sandstone & Sage was created by a husband and wife team, Jesse and Tiffany.

Jesse grew up in the deserts of Southern Utah surrounded by the beautiful red sandstone rocks. His wife, Tiffany grew up in California among the white sage that covers the mountains and deserts.

Our name is a reflection of us as individuals coming together from different places to share our collections with you.

Both had a love for travel, design, and making things that you couldn’t just go buy at any store.

Sandstone & Sage is a way of sharing these stories and experiences through beautiful products that bring our love of travel, design, and people to you.


We believe our spaces should be reflections of who we are and the journeys we take. We also believe in buying fewer things that are better. Better quality, better for the environment, and better for our health, which is why we both make and curate incredible products.

We believe that every choice counts, and that is why we strive to provide the best products possible.

By personally traveling to each country we are able to establish sustainable relationships with our artisans and source products using only local materials. This is how we’re able to offer the highest quality handmade goods, at more reasonable prices than luxury boutiques.

"These fake candles are wonderful...the charm of candle light without the worry of fires, the mess of dripped wax, the smoke smell. I love them. They have all the charm of candles and none of the drawbacks."

Lee A. Lewis


"Trying to cut down on the use of plastic in the grocery store. The bags are easy to use, wash and I have no problem using them at my grocery store."

Cecilia G.


"Great natural looking candle at a fraction of the price!"

Beth B. Wallace